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What is Revit Bootcamp?

Revit Bootcamp is a 3-week online workshop that works into anyone's busy schedule. 
A proven approach to teaching Designers how to master Revit without the high cost and time delays of a traditional school. If you're looking to take your career further, set yourself apart from the crowd, visualize interiors for the least amount of time & money, then this is what you have been waiting for.

Take a look inside the course:

Start to Finish Project Based Learning

Learn the entire Revit workflow specifically for Interior Design!

Your Instructor has over a decade of experiences as a Revit professional specifically for Interior Design. In this 3 week virtual workshop, you're going to learn her exact workflow step by step. You'll also have a front row ticket to understand how she thinks through projects from start to finish.

Personalized Revit Support

Holding your hand from beginner to advanced

Going from a beginner level to an advanced level within just a few weeks is no small task. From learning the Revit interface to building out and presenting accurate plans all the way to realistic rendering means your going to have questions. We've got you covered with a ready to go support team to hold your hand the whole way.

A Learn At Your Own Pace Mobile Student Platform

Long lasting resources to refer back to

Gain access to our mobile learning platform and all of the contents inside of it. Work through the material on your own time and ask us questions on the fly. This content will last long after Bootcamp ends and can be accessed while your on the move from any device. The video platform, homework assignments, downloadable cheat-sheets, guides, and a valuable peer group are yours to keep.


  • Drafting with Revit

    Leave CAD behind and enjoy learning how to draft in Revit while simultaneously building a 3d Model. Save tons of time with Revits powerful multitasking capabilities.

  • 3D Modeling

    Follow along with a practical example and build a room from start to finish. Learn to Implement advanced techniques on room building and 3D modeling into your everyday workflow.

  • Advanced Lighting

    Lighting plays a game-changing role in any room design. Learn how to control it and apply it realistically to any lighting feature you want to add to the room. learn how to use the exact settings the pros do to get amazing rendering results

  • Realistic Rendering

    This course cuts out all the excess information, 3rd party plugins and focuses on to the point classes, Revit software only rendering tools, and resources that work together to put your rendering into hyperdrive. Your clients will be amazed at the detail.

  • Visual Effects for Interiors

    Learn how to make your renders pop off the screen with tips and tricks on visual effects to add to your environments. Create realistic effects and apply them to different textures and materials such as glass, glossy floors, metallic surfaces, and many other materials.

  • Professional Support

    Get daily support through the Facebook group and our learning platform that will answer any questions that come up. TA's and Instructors use the latest in technology to virtually reach into your screen and show you how to get unstuck.

  • Downloadable Resources

    Throughout the course you'll be given downloadable Revit files, pdf's, cheat sheets and guides that will help you achieve fast results both in learning and in future project builds.

  • Design Community

    Hanging out with like-minded driven designers is important which is why you'll have access to a Facebook community of exactly that. You’ll be inspired encouraged and even critiqued by fellow students and your instructor. You're not in this alone.

  • Video Based Learning

    This course cuts out all the excess information and focuses on to the point video tutorials and support videos to teach you personally what you need to know to master Revit for Interior Design. The video format allows you to learn at your own pace wherever you are.

About Your Instructor

  After completing her undergraduate education in architecture, Solène began working at a design-build firm in San Diego where she Mastered Revit among other architectural rendering software. 

  Over the following years, she excelled in drawing communication to both clients and industry professionals and has "since taught many frustrated co-workers and curious peers about the endless possibilities of the Revit software." 

  With this knowledge, she has worked in both interior design and architecture firms across the United States and is currently on the path to earn her Masters of Architecture degree. 

  Not only does Solene come to us with decades of experience but she has also proven to be an amazing teacher and course designer. Solene has designed a workshop that is changing designers lives within a matter of weeks. 

How It Works


Fast Results

We understand that your time is short and valuable and that learning is not easy. Which is why we have created a course that cuts out all the excess information and focuses on to the point classes, tools, and resources that work together to put learning on hyperdrive.

Along with your daily classes, You'll receive guides and cheat sheets that you can use over and over again in your business.

The classes and tools in this course are designed to help you turn Revit into an extension of "You" rather than a software.


Meet your fellow Designers

Hanging out with like-minded driven designers is important which is why you have access to a Facebook community of exactly that. You’ll be inspired encouraged and even critiqued by fellow students and your instructor.


Ongoing Membership

Staying up with the trends of the industry is a must in order to stay competitive as a designer. This is why we're always making improvements to the course, adding new features, new templates, tools, and resources.

After you gain access to the Bootcamp course you have a lifetime membership to all the new features and additions we make plus you'll have a built-in trend alert letting you know when new resources are available.


A training team like no other

Learning is not easy you will have questions, you will have doubts, you will get stuck and you do need "the best of the best" available at all times to give you project advice. 

we've created a team that will be there every step of the way with you as you master this powerful software. A team that has been doing this for decades.

Workshop Outline

A quick break down of how the workshop flows:

















What do I need to take the Workshop?

You will need a Laptop or Desktop computer and a Student or a Pro License of REVIT. You will not need any other plugin as everything is done inside of Revit.

Is Bootcamp live?

Yes and No, the course classes & material are not live. this workshop comes in the form of videos, exercise files and downloadable cheat sheets that you can watch on your own time. 

The coaches are available live for any questions you have. At the end of the course you will have access to all the course content so you can always refer back to it if needed.

I am a brand new to Revit, can I still take this?

Absolutely, we have a pretraining program that will get you up and running with the basics in the days leading up to the advanced training.

Still Unsure?

Contact us by emailing support @  We'll  be happy to answer any questions you may have


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